Talleres Atondoa, mecanica de precision.

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Workshops Atondoa is a company who´s been many years dedicated to manufacture high precision pieces for the most exigent market customers.

Our company makes a wide range precision parts to the most diverses sectors. (feeding, aeronautics, motoring …).

Atondoa makes cross-check elements, tracks for machines, tools and all kinds of pieces that need high precision in its making and finished high quality. Likewise Atondoa is provided with a section dedicated to manufacture special cutters for MAAG machines, being the only ones in the market prepared to accomplish the high grade fulfillment norms of the proper house MAAG. Due to this, Atondoa has a high qualification level staff and is especially aware of the responsibility of its product.

The Atondoa capacity is completed by the last generation conventional machinery , so Atondoa´s able to respond to the most exigent clients demands.

To guarantee this hight level of exigence, Atondoa is provided with a complete metrology laboratory, perfectly conditioned, where you can find all the measurement elements necessary for workshop as well as the last advances in measurement systems.

We are also part of SINAEX, a grouping of metal companies of Navarra specialized in the integral development of machining projects and high quality tools. SINAEX has more than 6.200m², distributed in five production centers, and more than 80 professionals specialized in the metal-mechanical sector who work with the latest generation machinery to offer the most accurate machining and to carry out verification processes that ensure quality.